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The Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) team at BMC is recruiting for a talented software engineer to fill a senior role in our core development team in London Victoria.

The role

You will work with the rest of the R&D team (dev, QA, product management, docs) to extend the functionality of ADDM. The role is a very senior one, and you will be expected to take a leading role – solving the hardest coding problems, designing imaginative solutions to user problems, and mentoring junior members of the team. Although experience in the particular technologies and tools we use is important, passion, leadership, team spirit, and general awesomeness are what really matter.

Here’s the kind of thing you might work on:

  • You’ll spend maybe 80% of your time writing Python code. Python’s often used for writing glue code. That’s not what we’re using it for: this is 500,000 lines of object oriented Python. That’s when we’re not writing (the good bits of) JavaScript, for our modern, rich, browser-based UI. All of this code runs on Red Hat Linux. To be successful here, you’ll need experience writing complex multi-threaded code for very large systems.
  • All our code is peer-reviewed. As a senior developer, you’ll help review lots of code. We put a lot of effort into writing good quality code: a code review isn’t just a rubber stamp – it often leads to substantial rework to get things just right (as a senior developer, you’ll get it right first time though, right?)
  • With other senior members of the team, you’ll help turn user problems (brought to us by Product Management) into features. This is high level design work that includes ensuring we build a good user experience and that the new feature fits properly into the existing code architecture.
  • You’ll do all this in the context of our agile development process: we work in 4-week sprints, have daily stand ups, demo our code early, continuously integrate/build/run, publish pre-releases at the end of each sprint to the public, iterate our features to get the user experience right, fix all bugs in new code before writing more new code… etc!

The product

ADDM is a “discovery tool”: it scans people’s networks and provides detailed information about the hardware and software it finds, including dependencies between them. This is tremendously useful to our customers, and the cool thing is that it gives you the opportunity to work on all sorts of code: from a sophisticated AJAX-heavy web UI to a hard-core C++-based proprietary graph database, with everything in between, including trying to talk to most enterprise hardware and software ever released. Trust us: there are hard and interesting problems to be solved here.

The environment

We moved recently to a brand new office in Victoria. It’s bright, spacious, modern, and fun, and we designed it specifically with development in mind. There’s an onsite gym, free fruit and soft drinks, and a great coffee machine. We have an Xbox, a Wii, and most importantly a foosball table. We have regular social events including pub trips, boat cruises, and board game evenings. Needless to say, everyone gets a fast development machine and two large, high quality screens.

The Office

The Big Bang Burger Bar

Breakout Area

We're on the fifth floor

Key skills

  • Experienced all-round software engineer.
  • Able to take a leading role in the design and development of a large, complex software product.
  • Able to own a problem and take it through to completion.
  • Able to mentor more junior members of the team, work effectively as part of a team, or on a one-person assignment with a minimum of supervision.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience with Linux/UNIX.
  • Degree level education or equivalent experience.

Desirable skills

  • Good depth and breadth of knowledge of the Python platform, including a wide range of commonly used 3rd party tools.
  • Knowledge of enterprise systems, for example networking, load balancers, SAP, message buses, storage – the more, the better!
  • Detailed Windows internals knowledge.
  • Up to date networking knowledge.

Applying and further details

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to Maja Madraszek - maja_madraszek@bmc.com

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